Kitchen Renovation 2019

Before and After sliders show dramatic results dramatic results

Before and after pictures can show dramatic results as seen in our before and after sliders for a recent kitchen renovation. Interior Remodeling by Simmons creates living spaces that are modern and beautiful. Drag the white bar left and right to see the dramatic differences. 

  • Before-Custom Cabinets
    After-Custom Cabinets
    Before Custom Cabinets After
Custom Cabinets

This 1980’s kitchen was in need of serious updating. Interior Remodeling by Simmons provided custom cabinets, with matching patio door, luxury countertops, a copper sink, and new wood-plank look ceramic tile.

  • Before-New Countertops and Copper Sink
    After-New Countertops and Copper Sink
    Before New Countertops and Copper Sink After
Countertops, Flooring, Stove & Island Renovation

Notice the beautiful new countertops and large copper sink in this remodeled island.

  • Before-Elegant Island
    After-Elegant Island
    Before Elegant Island After
Elegant Island Gathering Space

Notice how beautiful the island gathering space is after the transformation by Interior Remodeling by Simmons! It has gone from ho-hum to modern and inviting.